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2020 Animation Reel

My current reel contains scenes from:
Personal Projects
Dinosaur Attack! on Kungfu Island
Glass Beach Music Video
Adira: Protector of Dad 
Valentines Cats
Miscelaneous excercizes


An animated refrigerator sings about keeping it inside.

American Tree

American Tree Is a 2-minute traditionally animated film created  with fellow animator Vincent Kings for our fourth year at LCAD


A young girl's loyalty is tested when she is forced to chop down her best friend during a school production of Washington and the Cherry Tree.


From 2016 to 2019 I was Lead animator for the Youtube channel ItsAlexClark. We created 5 minute animated stories about childhood stories and observations every week.

Guns Explained With cats has received 7M views and was featured on Huffington Post.

Soggy Wet Mattress

An animated music video about being left out in the rain.


An animated music video about quitting coffee.

How To Play Wrong Party

An animated instructional video for Tee Turtle's boardgame: Wrong Party.

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